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  The New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development acquired an easement on 146,000 acres of land in northern New Hampshire.  This is part of a 26 million acre area stretching from Maine through New Hampshire and Vermont across northern New York almost to Lake Ontario acres of contiguous land.   Historically ATV use has not been allowed on this land.  ATV trail proponents are pressuring DRED * to open this land to ATV use.  It should be noted that DRED receives dedicated funding directly from ATV registration fees.   The more ATVs registered, the more funding DRED receives.

DRED is not in the process of adopting a management plan for the Forest.  This plan will address the potential use of ATVs.

The following excerpts are from documents obtained from the DRED website.

...Development of ATV trails will be addressed in the next recreation plan. Vince Judd said ATV clubs would like to work with Parks to create a good trail system, assist with education, and problem-solving. Director McLean was supportive of this proposed partnership between Parks and the local ATV club. The final recreation plan will be approved by Lyme Timber after gaining CLHCC advice.

...... ATV use is almost certain to continue growing at a rapid pace in the region around the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters, and although this use is not presently allowed on the former IP lands, there will be interest in using the existing roads and trails for ATVs in the future.



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